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Indefinite hiatus.
I'll be posting the books that I've read and comments in communities but everything else is going into my paper journal. There's no real point in putting it here so yeah... If you want to defriend me, defriend me. Just drop me a line to let me know that it's done.

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Thank God its friday. I had a pretty bad fight with my mother and she's telling everyone about it in detail. My coworkers are acting weird.

Todays a half day so that means it'll be twice as bad as any other day.

Yesterday the place was crawling with cops. There were three fights and a gang of kids came, one flashing a gun.

It was actually a good day because time flew. I was everywhere. My boss threw me to the lions at one point. She asked me to go outside with two cops to calm down a gang of kids. She says I'm good with them but its only because I know what they're about. It worked well...but still. She works me like a dean/cop/secretary but she pays me like an office worker.

Everyones been asking me what was going on yesterday... since the woman who made the evacuation announcement practically came on air saying: "STUDENTS AND STAFF GET OUT OF HERE AFTER THIS MESSAGE. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!"

We had a meeting where they told us not to tell anyone about anything. The excuses that they gave were lame.
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I'm tired of waiting for Inkdeath to come out. It's there! We just need a translated copy! Anyway, the release has been pushed back to October. Boo. Anyone else read Inkheart and Inkspell?

I've found my old copy of The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho. I got it in a trade with a friend years ago. I gave him Veronika Decides to Die by the same author. I'd already read that one and loved it. Something about the beginning of The Valkyries has never captured my attention, though...but maybe it'll work out this time. I'm sure that the book is good...I have faith in the's just the beginning. :)
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A Certain Slant of Light

I've just finished reading, A Certain Slant of Light. I missed my stop on two buses because I'd gone completely into the book. I need to find something else to read. I ususally try to buy a few books at a time so that I can jump right into the next but...yeah. :) Anyway, I enjoyed it. Maybe I'll try talking about it more later.

Books I've read this year:

Twilight- Stephenie Meyers
New Moon- Stephenie Meyers
Eclipse- Stephenie Meyers
The Song of Hannah- Eva Etzioni-Halevy
The Time Traveler's Wife- Audrey Niffenegger
The Collector- John Fowles
The Delivery Man- Joe McGinniss
A Certain Slant of Light- Laura Whitcomb

The bolds are the books I read during this month.

Books that I'm currently reading:

The Valkyries- Paulo Coelho
All the Pretty Litter Horses- Cormac McCarthy

Books that I plan to read this year:

The Birth of Venus- Sarah Dunant
Zipporah, Wife of Moses- Marek Halter
The Winter King- Bernard Cornwell
The Rug Merchant- Meg Mullins
Anything and everything by Paulo Coelho

I'm going to try and get into a library. I want to add another book to the ones I've read in March.

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I keep a paper journal. It's a pretty, leather thing. All gilded pages and cream colored insides. It's meant to look sophisticated. Anyway, I write my truly personal thoughts in my paper journal. It doesn't bother me that I know my little sister reads it. She can't understand and she realizes that. She's written me off as insane, in a mostly harmless sort of way.

I don't write about personal experiences in it. Just feelings, thoughts, snippets of ideas.

I was thinking of posting something that I've just written in it. It's so dramatic. I can be so tragic sometimes. I know that in the morning I'll laugh at my ridiculousness. Such a sheer sense of tragedy.

I'm mostly done with The Collector. It's so...desolate. I love it but it makes me feel trapped as well. There's no relief from the sense of loneliness. Both main characters are terribly...alone, sad, gray.

I'm so desperately sad.

I have a great-aunt who's all Holy, holy, holy. I think that I've washed my hands with her completely. I used to adore her but she made me absolutely sick today. I wanted to bash her face in with a frying pan. She's full of shit and if that's what holy is, I don't want to be it.
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Here's some disturbing reads:
LJ stops the creation of new basic (adfree) accounts
Changes SUP didn't think LJ's users would notice.
Nostalgia: LiveJournal's Greatest Fuck-Ups.

Want to protest against LJ censoring the interest pages and removing the Basic account level? Join the strike and repost this to your own journal!

Everything's explained at beckyzoole's LJ, but basically: on Friday, March 21st, we will not be posting or commenting for 24 hours. I know that's hard for us LJ dwellers, but we must in order to bring back our beloved LJ.

This is so going to test my willpower. XD Okay, now I'm going to sleep.